Zack Smithson

Zack Smithson



Pastor Zack comes to us after 14 years of ministry in Euless, TX. He, his
wife, Corrie, and their 5 kids are excited to be back in Kingfisher. Zack
served as  the youth pastor in Kingfisher back in the early 2000’s and is
excited about coming back home. He is a native Oklahoman and loves
OU Football.

Pastor Zack’s life verse is Matthew 22: 37-38 where Jesus states the
greatest commandments. He believes that when we learn to live this
out, it changes how we began to see and do life with those around us.
In his spare time he enjoys reading, messing with the guitar, watching
his favorite sports teams, but his favorite thing is cheering on his kids
in whatever activity they are involved in.

Linda Murphey



Linda joined our staff in May 2017. Linda also works in management at our local Walmart. She has four kids, Kristina, Rachel, Alan, and Kyle.

Polly Hubbard

Steward Committe Member

Polly Hubbard serves on the Steward committee. Polly served as Sunday School Superintendent for several years. Polly attends the Shepherd’s Flock Sunday School class and is a member of our praise team.

Dakota Horn

NYI President

Dakota serves as NYI president and youth sponsor. Dakota and his wife Mandi are both teachers in the Kingfisher Public School system.

Toni Pickle

NMI President

Toni serves as NMI president and spent many years as an Adult Sunday School Teacher. Toni worked for Pioneer Telephone Company, and is now retired.  Toni attend the Shepherd’s Flock Sunday School class.

Erin Mayfield

Steward Committee Member

Erin is completing her first year as a board member.  She is married to Marcus Mayfield and attends the King’s Fishers Sunday School Class.

Brenda Struck

Sunday School Superintendent

  Brenda is the 1st-2nd grade Sunday School teacher at our Church. She is a retired Pre-K public school teacher and has been heavily involved with the Children’s ministry in our church. Brenda is married to Jimmy Struck.

Mike Bradley

Trustee Committee Member

Mike Bradley currently serves as a Trustee on the church board. Mike and his wife Darla attend the King Fisher’s adult Sunday School class.

Bridget Keast

Church Board Secretary/Steward Committee Member

Bridget has served on the church board multiple terms, is a member of the praise team and also served as a layman on the Oklahoma District Advisory board. Bridget attends the King’s Fishers Adult Sunday School class.

Bridget is Church Board Secretary and serves as a Steward on the church board.

Taryn Kuehn

Trustee Committee Member

Taryn is former NYI President and has served as volunteer sponsor with the youth group for many years.  She is married to Randy Kuehn and is a also a member of our praise team.

Michele Simon

Trustee Committee Member

Michele is a 4th grade teacher at Kingfisher Upper Elementary and is married to Chris Simon.  Michele and Chris teach the 5th and 6th grade Sunday School class.